Just like our research, our teaching activities link the fields of basic research in molecular biology and applied medicine. Hence, we are routinely involved in teaching for various degree courses, including M. Sc. Biology, B.Sc. and M.Sc. Molecular Medicine and Medicine.

Our lectures “Introduction into Human Genetics” ( LINK to GRIPS ), “Human Genetics for Medical Students” and “Advanced Human Genetics" ( LINK TO GRIPS ) cover a broad range of topics in human genetics, ranging from basic knowledge in genetics to state-of-the-art developments and in depth discussions on recent advances in the field. Our weekly seminar and literature club are specifically dedicated to discussing our own research work but also keeping track of the latest progress relevant to our research focus, providing an ideal platform for M.D., Ph.D., Master and Bachelor students to initiate and pursue their scientific career.

Besides classroom teaching, we offer a variety of internship and thesis projects for students from all degrees listed above, but we also strongly encourage students from other fields, degrees and universities to apply for training possibilities if they are interested in our research.

For detailed information regarding the individual degrees, please visit the relevant sections on this website.

For general inquires and applications please contact:

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