The lecture “Human Genetics for Medical Students” is a two-week block course (in German) and is specifically tailored for future medical practitioners, combining basic human genetics with a broad variety of interdisciplinary case discussions and patient presentations. While the lecture aims to convey basic theoretical knowledge, it also contains a group workshop session, where students have the opportunity to practice genetic risk calculations and discuss questions regarding risk prediction and counselling with experienced staff members from our Institute.

If the lecture and workshop sparked your interest in getting involved in our research, we constantly offer internship possibilities (Famulaturen) as well as opportunities for medical doctoral thesis projects (Dr. med.) and practical terms (Praktisches Jahr, PJ). If you are interested, please send your résumé and transcript of records at least three to six months before your preferred starting date. For medical students we offer the opportunity to either work on data and informatics based projects or participate in a wet lab project as part of our ongoing research. As we have limited lab bench space available for a given semester, assignments will be based on personal interviews.

For all questions, please contact:

0049 941 944-5401